Watch UPSL on Mycujoo: Will Contra Costa Repeat Success from Last Season?

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Published Sep 6, 2019

This weekend teams from every conference will come out and battle for the first points of the 2019 Fall Season after a long month preparing. Make sure to check out the UPSL official page on MyCujoo to catch up with all the action during the weekend.

Too many games to follow? Don't worry! Below we have hand-picked the top games to watch in each conference:


FSA Pro and Real New York FC has been actively seeking for local talent during the preseason. There is no doubt that both teams would do their best to start off the inaugural season with a perfect result.

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The runners-up of Patriot Division last season, Astoria Knights FC, look for the first win of the Fall campaign while New York Contour United is ready to get back on the field after a bye week.

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Sparta 20/20 FC and Union FC took a season off to refine their squad. Three points in the first match of Fall season would be a perfect comeback for the winning team.

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Both teams look to come back strong after the losses two weeks ago. Miami Sun FC has the advantage of playing on their home field, but Palm Beach Spartans FC has never been an easy opponent to beat.

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The UPSL has grown big in the last couple seasons in Texas. Both Texas City United FC and Texas International FC are quality additions to the competition in Central Conference. Who will take the lead in this Texas matchup?

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Almeyda FC was a Division Champion last season, while Athletic Katy FC was the back-to-back Division Champions of 2018 Spring and Fall season. Which one will step up this time?

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Injen Total Football USA will kick off their very first match in Division I, while L.A. 10 FC looks to start off strong and do big things in their second season playing in the UPSL's top division.

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If you cannot make it to the field, be sure to check the stream of this game on MyCujoo as you don't want to miss any action from this big match in NorCal. Contra Costa FC couldn't win the playoffs but had a very successful 2019 Spring Season. Meanwhile, Oakland Stompers have always been a big name in the Wild West.

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